General Meetings:  Bimonthly meetings for members and visitors are held on the 3rd Thursday of alternate months from September through May. Meetings are meant to be both educational and entertaining and give opportunities for people with common interests to get acquainted. Note the location information carefully, as some meetings will be a hybrid of in-person and  Zoom Video Conference, while others will be via Zoom only. 

Upcoming Presentations

    • 10 Sep 2023
    • 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
    • Sisters Firehouse Community Hall; 301 S Elm St, Sisters, OR 97759

    The Archaeological Society of Central Oregon invites you to explore the topic of petroglyphs and pictographs, the ancient images found on rocks.

    Together, we will:

    • See and analyze remarkable images from the past.
    • Learn the difference between petroglyphs and pictographs.
    • Ponder the meaning of the images.
    • Understand this fragile cultural resource needs to be protected.
    • Take away a sense of wonder and appreciation of our past


    Click HERE for more details

Past Presentations

18 May 2023 Deschutes River Railroad War, 1909 - 1911 by Steve Lent
2 May 2023 Rock Art: More than Just Images by Eileen Gose
6 Apr 2023 Growing Up in the Ice Age: Were Children Drivers of Human Cultural Evolution? by Dr. April Nowell
16 Mar 2023 New Discoveries at the Cooper's Ferry Site in Western Idaho Push Projectile Technology Back to 16,000 years ago by Dr. Loren G. Davis
16 Feb 2023 The Roles and Research of the Museum of Natural and Cultural History Archaeology Field School by Katelyn McDonough
19 Jan 2023 12,600 Years of Perishable Technologies at Cougar Mountain Cave, Oregon by Richie Rosencrance
8 Dec 2022 Archaeology and the Human Experience at the Paisley Caves in the Northern Great Basin & General Meeting
20 Oct 2022 Water and Wind: Paleoenvironmental and Archaeological Correlations at Rimrock Draw Rockshelter
22 Sep 2022 Evidence of Humans in North America during the Last Glacial Maximum
30 Jun 2022 Waldo Lake History, Precontact to Present Times
12 May 2022 The Dam Fiasco at Bull Flat
21 Apr 2022 Getting Blood From a Stone: Excavations at a Paleolithic Oasis in Jordan by Dr. April Nowell
17 Mar 2022 Wenas Creek Mammoth Dig by Patrick Lubinski
17 Feb 2022 15,000 Years of Great Basin Archaeology by Dennis Jenkins
3 Feb 2022 Oregon Historical Society presents: Centering Chinese History in Oregon: A panel discussion
13 Jan 2022 Connley Caves Talk by Katelyn Mcdonough
9 Dec 2021 Prehistoric Bison Hunters of the Northern Great Basin by Scott Thomas
14 Oct 2021 Archaeology of the Portland Area by Virginia Butler
30 Sep 2021 All Member Meeting
29 Apr 2021 April Presentation: Oregon Chinese Diaspora Project and gold mining in the John Day area by Donn Hann
18 Mar 2021 March Presentation: Tribal member and Archaeologist Dr. Robert David educates us on Shamanism and myths from a Modoc petroglyph site
18 Feb 2021 February Presentation: Dr. Loren G. Davis on Cooper's Ferry Site in Idaho
21 Jan 2021 January Presentation: Paul Claeyssens on How Archaeological Work is Effected by Wildfire
10 Dec 2020 December Presentation: Dr. Virginia L. Butler on The Ciwicen Village Site in Port Angeles, WA
19 Nov 2020 November Presentation: Dr. Michel Waller provides insights into our human evolution ​by examining tool-use in different species
17 Sep 2020 September Presentation: Dr. Dennis Jenkins on his latest findings from ​15,000-year-old sites in the Oregon High Desert
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