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Rock Art - Hart Mountain & Long Lake

  • 24 Jun 2023
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We are in the process of rescheduling to fit Bill's schedule and a permit for ASCO to be the trip permit holder. We will keep you informed. Once we have a date, the current registrants will be given first option for the trip in an email, then the wait list group followed by a general membership notice if there are still vacancies.

Bill Cannon (Trip Leader) and Lakeview BLM staff took a preliminary trip to the area this week and sent this comment: "I was just out to the area with the BLM and the roads are impassable due to mud! We need to postpone the trip probably until the end of July so things can dry out. Long Lake is covered in water and it is up over the road. Mud holes are everywhere and deep and long. I would not even think of trying it with my 4 wheel drive Tacoma."

Hart Mountain & Long Lake Rock Art

When: Saturday, June 24, 2023

Lead: Bill Cannon,

Coordinator: Darla Rozelle

Signups begin online 8 AM: Saturday June 10,2023

Participants: 20 (six vehicles)

Overnight stay 1 or 2 nights (June 23 & 24 ) by Lakeview (camp or motel) with a daylong excursion on Saturday June 24 beginning at 8 AM (so travel to Lakeview on same day is not recommended). The trip is limited to 6 high clearance 4WD vehicles to and from the site. Darla will try to arrange ride sharing from Lakeview to and from the sites.

Participants should contact the Lakeview Chamber of Commerce for lodging RV park information; phone number 541-947-6040. For campers, Bill recommended Camp Hart Campground. It is a former CCC camp, with no cost but is primitive.

Field Trip to Hart Mountain from the ASCO archives by Pat Blue Heron with photos by Mary James.

On June 15, 2015 20 ASCO members took an incredible trip with Bill Cannon. Bill has studied the 250 rock-art sites in the Hart Mountain/Lakeview area for over 40 years! This was a long day trip that afforded a great overview of the area.

Rock Art on this part pf the Great Basin occurs as both pictographs and petroglyphs. Some of the rock pictures can be nearly 12,000 years old; others thousands. We visited Greaser Petroglyph Site, which is a very well preserved, large basalt boulder with dozens of images. This site, along with many others, has images that were made during different time periods.

The highlight of the trip was a stop at Long Lake to see over 10,000 images that span the 2 ½ mile ridge. This area is what Bill describes as having been the “Safeway” supermarket to the Northern Paiutes, who collected the abundance of roots in the uplands, where there was once a pluvial lake. Bill calls this a gathering place for groups of Paiutes in a 200 mile radius, who sometimes walked 25 miles a day to shop at the “Safeway.” He talked about the panels, some of which were old figures long the soil line that were Pre-Mazama and found below two feet of ash.

Bill talked about his interpretation of rock art representations and why he doesn’t subscribe to the theory that they were made in places where only male shamans went. He showed us, near the panels, numerous manos showing years of wear from use by women, as surfaces for grinding roots.

I have often wondered if these were teaching sites, where children studied, while women did their work. I guess each of us can only imagine or guess.

It was a great day for all, and we are grateful to Bill for taking us on a second field trip, the first being six years ago!

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